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Market leader in the Nordic region

SDX® develops, manufactures and markets insulated boxes for transport and storage of temperature sensitive products under the brand SDX® THERMOBOX®.

Special features of the SDX® are high quality in every detail, continuous product and personalized service.

A reliable partner

We at SDX® Thermobox® has been a reliable partner to professional chefs for over 50 years. Our part of your job is to provide security.

You can focus on the food and know that from the moment it leaves the kitchen until served, stored it in the best way. The fresh ingredients and good food must be good when served.

You should also feel safe in that the technology works. The temperature is exactly right and that the boxes can withstand the sometimes rugged treatment they may face.

Own production for the highest quality

All our products are manufactured with the ”all stainless interior” ie pressed guides in stainless steel inner container. A unique technology that provides unsurpassed durability, easy cleaning and enhances safety.

SDX® has all the production is based in Sölvesborg in Sweden.

Active care of the environment

SDX® Environmental Policy:

It is the intent of SDX®, in cooperation with customers and suppliers and by means of systematic work methods and continuous improvements, to reduce the impact on the environment and to prevent pollution by:

  • Complying with and keeping up-dated on environmental laws and regulations that are relevant to our business operations.

  • Ensuring that our Environmental Policy is known to all employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders for the purpose of promoting a better environment.

  • Selecting materials and products by considering their impact on the environment.
  • Working to realize good economy in the use of materials, retaining and further developing products that show high quality and long service life, low energy consumption and design for superior hygiene.
  • Implementing systematic environmental work methods to prevent pollution.
  • Working to achieve long-term, sustainable waste disposal.

The goal of SDX® work with the environment is to minimize harmful effects on the environment while at the same time maintain high standards in ergonomy, hygiene and quality, good working environments and excellent competitive strength.