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A complete range for all your food transportation needs.

We offer a wide range of products ranging from the simple isolated S- boxes to the more anvancerade cooling and heating systems in the K- and F- boxes.


The electronic control of our patented heating system is a key factor to achieve the smooth and steady heat that makes food taste great when served. Insulation with polyurethane, which under high pressure expands between the outer and inner walls provide optimum insulation and takes up minimal space. This means that the food is kept at the right temperature with a very low energy consumption and low running costs.

A new generation of refrigerated containers for a sustainable future

The new generation of compressor-based refrigerated containers from SDX represents a giant leap forward in the development of compressor cooling technology. The K- boxes comprise a completely new refrigeration unit featur-ing the eco-friendly refrigerant R290A. Lower total height and weight. New, highly efficient RPM-controlled fans, where the noise level has been halved to improve the working environment. Just like previous generations, the inside is made completely of stainless steel, with pressed guides and no joins. There is a digital control unit on the top edge of the box to facilitate setting and monitoring the temperature of the container.

K-boxes are excellent for food that is to be served cold, and for transporting and storing food that is to be heated up subsequently.

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We have refined the inside by producing it entirely in stainless steel. No joints, nooks or crannies where bacteria can take hold facilitate cleaning and ensures good hygiene.


Socket and diverter frame / handle at suitable height when loading and unloading, lightly rolled wheels, door opening angle 270 degrees, door mounted handle for one-handed grip are some examples that we have developed in close collaboration with our users to spare your back and facilitate everyday life.
Ergonomics is a priority for us!


Characteristic of our business is high quality and great environmental commitment in every detail, continuous product development and personal service. It is the intent of SDX®, in cooperation with customers and suppliers and by means of systematic work methods and continuous improvements, to reduce the impact on the environment and to prevent pollution by:

  • Complying with and keeping up-dated on environmental laws and regulations that are relevant to our business operations.

  • Ensuring that our Environmental Policy is known to all employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders for the purpose of promoting a better environment.