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Optional extras

We have a wide range of optional extras for the SDX® Thermobox® to create the perfect tool for your food transportation needs.

Ergonomic Central Brake

Practical and ergonomic central brake simplifies the management of everyday life.

Window in the Door

Optional glass window in the door allows you to quickly and easily check the contents of your Thermobox® without affecting the temperature.

Eccentric Lock

As an option to the bolt lock with door mounted handle we offer an sturdy eccentric lock.

Stainless Exterior

Both inside and outside in all stainless steel. A stylish, even more hygienic choice.

Lockable Handle

Lockable one grip handle


Single drawer in the base of the Thermobox. With eccentric lock.

Terrain Wheels

For smoother transport on uneven surfaces. For single Thermoboxes only.

Coil Cord

Extra long, 5600mm.

Address Card Holder

Avaliable in A6, A5 and A4.

Extra handles

Set of 2 pcs.


Robust construction to place trays on for easy access. Easy to fold up and down.
Maximum load 7 kg.

Castors 200 mm

Two fixed and two swivel with brakes.

One Cable

Connect only one cable to power both units. For side by side Thermoboxes.

Thermal Barrier

Create different temperature zones in a Thermobox® S with the Thermal Barrier.

Towing Set

Easily transport one or more thermoboxes in tow behind a truck with this towbar and coupling. For up to three units in a row and at maximum speed of 7 km/h.

Cooling Plate

Cooling plate GN 1/1 adapted for Thermobox® S. Including cassette.

Aluminum Trays

Aluminum tray smooth GN1/1

Aluminum tray perforated GN1/1