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SDX logotyp

SDX® Style

Unique exterior...the same quality on the inside

SDX® now gives you the opportunity to create a completely unique Thermobox® with your own colour and your own logo. Obviously with the same high quality and durability as always.

Choose your colour

Now you can choose the colour of your Thermobox®. To suit your interior or to easily distinguish between different types of boxes.

All stainless

Both inside and outside in all stainless. A stylish and hygienic choice.

Standard colours

All our Thermobox® can be delivered in one of our three standard colours blue, red or black. Timeless colours that suit all environments and settings.

Your logo

It is important to stand out from the crowd

Do you want to create an even clearer identity, there is the opportunity to decorate the boxes with both your logo or images from your graphical profile.

With your logo on SDX® Thermobox® you can proudly transport your meals while marketing your business.